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Gujarat Enviro-care Industries

A Dream For Green

" Our Products are use Waste Water Treatment Plants, Solvent... ........Extraction Industries, Breweries & Wine Making.... .....Industries and Thermal & Nuclear Power Stations....."


Production Process and its equipment:-

With domestic and imported advanced processing and production equipment, the coal activated carbon is produced under strict quality policy from raw coal selection, breaking, sieving, carbonization, activation, finished good sieving and packaging. Only after passing strict quality inspection and control the product can enter into the next step of processing. The main production equipments and Rotary Furnace, Slep Furnace and Multiple Hearth Furnace.

Main activation equipment is the Slep furnace, which is easy control, uniform quality, and productivity, high level of automation and able to produce diversity of activated carbon.

The Multiple Hearth Furnace is a multiple purpose furnace with combination of dry, carbonization, activation and cooling. It has big capacity and high automation. Furnace pressure is traced and adjusted by computer. Process parameters such as furnace temperature are precisely controlled. Product quality is uniform and reliable. The material stays in furnace for a short time. Yield is high. This furnace is new type of advanced furnace.



Carbonization means to heat raw coal without enough oxygen. Carbonization occurs in isolated air and inertia atmosphere at low temperature of 600C. During carbonization, the raw coal expels such noncarbon elements like O, H, etc, then carbon atoms rearrange to form order crystalloid of primary graphite crystalline. The structure consists of parallei cf carbon atoms which arrange as hexagon. The arrangement is of abnormity; so many pores among the interspaced of the crystalline have formed

These pores are primary pores of activated carbon. Surface area of carbon is several ten square meters per gram. Carbonization is conducted after breaking mechanically and being sieved.




Main activation equipment is slep Furnace and The multiple hearths Furnace, in which carbon is carbonized by high temperature steam and CO2 at 700-1100C. While activating, the reaction of the carbonized carbon with steam or chemical substances occurs. It eliminates tampers form carbon pore, new micro porous structure is taking shape at the same time of cleansing and expanding primary and result in the recovered activated carbon with the strongest adsorption force.


Quality Control:-

Quality Control is required in the whole process from pre-inspection, finished goods inspection and double check when product is packed.

Technical process department stipulates production procedures according to physical and chemical properties required by users. Inspectors conduct pre-inspect on raw material and carbonization material, middle inspection on finished goods after activation; final inspection on finished goods after sieving, and double check of products after packing.

Inspection equipment includes: moisture testing scale, particle size tester, hardness tester, water capacity tester, flow capacity tester, desktop thermostat oscillator, and trace element analyzer, etc. The laboratory test covers to measure M. B. value, lodine Content, Caramel Dp (Molasses No.), Ash Content, Particle Size, Ph Value, Filling Density,Moisture Content, Apparent Density, and Abrasion Number, etc.

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